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Originally Posted by thomass View Post
I think that your problem is related with the 3.2 .1 On official site of the duokan, there is a thread for this. see: (a possible solution).
Also look at:

Like this one a launchpad installer may work for you too. For example unzip to your launchpad folder then execute ( by first shift shift space then shift F D ) ( I should say that I didn't try this command before.)

EDIT:If you still search for a solution to install Dlite on 3.2.1 I think might be: (line 448-458 of DK_Sytem/install/ )Just unzip file to your launchpad then first execute shift shift space than shift D I. (again the same warning: I didn't try this before)
Thank you for your work to solve this. However before I saw this, I have reset the Kindle to factory default. Duokan Lite then installed with first try. I now have to put back on all the hacks I had...

I too am interested in finding a quick way to go between Kindle OS and Duokan Lite. Have you solved this?

Also is there a way to upgrade Duokan Lite with a new version when this is available without removing Jailbreak and other hacks? Doing a factory reset each time is not an elegant way. A query relating to this: I noticed in the folders of the .zip archive for Duokan Lite, there are 2 folders with .bin files. I used the folder with the larger files (a guess) for a new install which worked. I wonder if the other folder is for an upgrade from the previous version? Also will this update work with Jailbreak and hacks installed? Has anyone tried this?

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