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Originally Posted by DiapDealer View Post
- 0 - means zero length. That just means you didn't put anything in the exth data field. Fire up mobi2mobi-gui and do it again.... by selecting 503 - Updated Title (in the exth type dropdown) and then typing the desired title in the exth data field. Make sure the checkbox to the right of the exth data field is checked and then click convert.

Take careful note of the "Output File" field. This is the file you will need to load on your device. If you're just overwriting the file ("Output File" = "Opened File") then it's a no-brainer. But if they're different... you're creating a second file and the "Output File" name is the one with changed data. The Input File will of course be the unchanged original.
If the output file is one of the input files, should i sort copies to a temporary file?
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