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Originally Posted by thomass View Post
I think that your problem is related with the 3.2 .1 On official site of the duokan, there is a thread for this. see: (a possible solution).
Also look at:

Like this one a launchpad installer may work for you too. For example unzip this file to your launchpad folder then execute ( by first shift shift space then shift F D ) ( I should say that I didn't try this command before.)
Ok, some things to try, thank you for that.

The frustrating thing is I previously had the full version of Duokan installed before I started and was attracted to the Duokan Lite version and the quick switch between the Kindle OS.

Am sure I will get it to work. When I do, is there an easy way to upgrade? If Duokan Lite is being updated each week we need an easy way to do this.
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