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Originally Posted by nrapallo View Post
The 'debug' feature was 'fixed' in the latest release so that if PDFRead 'sees' the existence of a file named 'debug' in the current directory of the GUI (defaults to 'C:\Program files\PDFRead') or inside its subdirectory 'bin', then it leaves the resulting files used to create the selected ebook format. It does not 'retain' the intermediary files used throughtout the conversion process i.e page*.*. BTW, if you're quick enough you can open the temporary folder assigned and copy the intermediary files elsewhere, prior to the end of the conversion.
I realized after I read this that the libpng bug was creating page.png's and not N.png, so it looked like all the temporary files were being deleted. Now I understand that there are two types of temporary file: the final images (that get put into the eBook) and the intermediate files getting to that image. I hereby recind my ticket.

Thanks for your bug-tracking services . Is your fix related to the Windows side or the Mac side? The link provided appears to indicate Mac side, but I will see if I can incorporate the newer version anyway. I mean, if it doesn't break something else...
You're welcome. Glad to help. Sorry I wasn't clear about that.... I was testing on the Mac. That being said, if a windows person had an old version of libpng, then I suspect they might have a similar problem.
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