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Originally Posted by thomass View Post
Lite0902.838.1492.rtm released

On the current version, music player is disabled because of a bug. You can use kinamp (runs on both OSs).

How to install Duokan Lite:

1- uninstall jailbreak
2-delete the previous Dk_System if any ( uninstalling is better)
3- copy Dk_Sytem and update files according to this
4- update and restart to Duokan(choose Q on boot screen)

Optional:To switch between Duokan and Kindle quickly (without a reboot) unzip to your launchpad folder.(works only when you start the Kindle on Kindle OS) ^D S to switch to Duokan and ^ D X to switch back to Kindle.

Edit: Now it presses home button just before switching from Duokan to Kindle to make sure it remember your position on the currently viewed book
I have been trying this method without success so far. I keep getting the U007 error. I have uninstalled Jailbreak but I wondered do I need to uninstall all hacks - launchpad, font, screensavers, USBnetwork too?

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