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Device: IREX Digital Reader 1000S
DR1000 firmware from scratch(openembedded/poky that is)


Since I really would like to compile the firmware for the
DR 1000S by myself using the latest poky relleases and
i havent found anything but the "outdated" binary only
iOn Environment as well as some vm images and other
"patchwork" i guess i need to start from scratch.

So i checked out the latest development poky
( git clone git:// )

And am starting to read up on MACHINE definitions and
how to use bitbake in generall. (poky-handbook.pdf)

Next thing for me to do would be to get the kernel configuration.
(seems that this has allready been done)

Also i do not know if all hardware is openly supported or if
there are binary only parts.

Then there is the core configuration and application selection.

finally i hope ill get.
better power management.

less hangs.

sd card replacement while online (on the fly bookshelf swapping)
one card with all metadata the library index one may call it
and the otheres with books and lokal bookshelf metadata.

to use the big mysterious connector with the many lines for something usefull

and last but not least. a "really" open and future update friendly
development environment for this nifty piece of tech.

If anyone has allready done this or has any information on this topic.
Please let me know.


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