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I didn't read the link, but if someone is really trying to outlaw a word, they should be subjected to a mental review.

I don't like the abuse of the word "gay" but that is ridiculous. Specially if it sets up precedent. I can just picture it now, we can't say "black" anymore because it could be used in a sentence for racism. For now on we can only use the Japanese word for the color black. Just so everyone has a jump start on it I did the research. 黒 (Kuro)

I am gay, and the solution is not to not allow people to have their own opinions, the solution is to build tolerance. I don't care if your religions says I am going to hell. I dont' care if once (not every day) you want to try and save me. What I do care about is after I reject your religion, opinion, you recognize that I am still a human, I should have the same rights as you, and should be treated equally.

Of course, if you want to point out that me being gay is going to lead me to hell, we should have a really close look at your life too! Everyone write their sins down on a piece of paper, let's compare!

Seriously though, this is ignorant. I hope someone does something about it. I would but I still don't care about politics as much as I should. Hurray for living in American, where you are free to be lazy and let the country to go "hell in a hand basket".

Edit: Just read article, not really about what I typed, but I think what I typed is funny enough so I will leave it. I still think that this is stupid to have to be put in the law books. I knew I was gay well before ninth grade. If I remember correctly (which I probably don't) I had my first gay fantasy at eight. So, let's see, that is third or forth grade? Oh my god, someone said something about being gay, or gay sex so I caught the bug. For some reason the rest of the children around me at the time was safe though. . . . . I wonder if my immune system just didn't have the right antibodies to defend the gay talk.

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