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Thx for yours exhaustive answers

The problem is that I cannot afford (as a poor university student) to make a wrong purchase.
Unfortunately the cost of these wonderful devices is far from cheap, so I have to be sure I will be totally satisfied with my choice.

I do not want to see a new generation ebook readers in the next 3-4 months, fo example^^

Let's express my doubts, then..
Take a look at this nice comparative summary:
..and let's choose the cybook gen3 as my main objective.

1) Display dimensions: 9cm by 12cm..What the..? If I take now my ruler and measure the size of my paper books pages I notice this:
- Book with the hardback format: 14.5*22.5 cm
- Book with the paperback format: 12.5*20 cm

As you can see the difference is huge and I find a bit strange no one is complaining about can I consider it as a classic book replacement when it cannot even reach a paperback book sizes?

I hate it but I think I will have to wait until that fundamental requirement will be fulfilled

Bringing forward my cybook analysis I notice one other flaw: it cannot read the rtf format.
In the other aspects I see a pretty standard display specs: 6-inch SVGA, 800x600, 4 grey scales, 166.7 ppi (and I hope these are good enough to read easily..?..), a really good weight, and a good "library database" that shows drew covers and a little book description (unfortunately without a plot summary or a "subdirectory system", it seems)..

All things considered a really good choice for my ideal ebook, if not for the totally wrong dimensions and some lacunae

Damn, I hate to wait..

PS: what the hell are you talking about? Hands? O_O..that beauty will probably be a model or something similar, and if you had been there I can bet those hands would have been the last thing you'd have noticed
PPS: anyway that thing make me salivate (I meant the ebook reader, you perverts -_-)..and I can bet the display size is pretty close to what I previously measured

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