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Originally Posted by montalex View Post
First, I have a Kindle2, jailbroken, font hacked, etc. I figured I would try this Palatino, because I like the font. And there should be no difference in changing fonts from K3 to K2, right? I've done it before, and have been using a nice Georgia2 font.

So, I added the Palatino font (of course backing up my fonts folder), and it looked fine -- actually, a little too fine for my old eyes, so I decided to try the Georgia. I copied the font to my fonts folder, but when I went to do a restart, I could not! I kept getting a pop-up window asking if I really wanted to de-register my Kindle.

Finally, I replaced my font folder with the backup and did a hard restart, and everything is back as it should be.

I think this may have been due to a spacing change in the font (I noticed that there was much bigger line spacing with the Palatino), which maybe caused some kind of mis-location of the cursor?? I haven't a clue. Anyway, my old Georgia 2 font is just fine. It is just that it is hard to resist funking around.
That sounds strange. What version of firmware are you using? Here's the thing: for some reason, the original Georgia2 font (which works on older firmware than 3.2.1) breaks the Kindle's OS (won't allow access to menus, etc.). So I made this new one, and it works on 3.2.1, so if you're using an older FW then that might be the cause of this.

But if you're using 3.2.1 and it's still being funky, I don't know what that means, since it works on every Kindle I've tried it on. Perhaps re-installing the hack and then copying the font again? I do not know.

can you put some screenshots either on your site or here?
I will add screenshots and a new archive containing additional fonts to the site tonight!
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