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Kindle WiFi connection to SoftAP wo www access

Hi all,

my friends from paragliding school asked me, if it's possible to create application for Kindle 3 which will serve as pilot errors registration form.
At the time they use notebook, but it's power hungry and Kindle is ideal, cheap, so called perfect solution...

I decided to create thin client app and connect Kindle to some small server.
Small netbook is running APache+MysSQL+PHP (AMP bookserver ) + application and act as SoftAP AccessPoint. On Kindle we use experimental but working browser and everything works fine, when kindle and AMP netbook are connected to the same WiFi network with internet connection.

When I turn my notebook/netbook to SoftAP on Windows7 and internet connection is broken (as on hills really is), Kindle is not able to connect to SoftAP machine. I tested iPad, it works perfectly. On Kindle I see the AP, it correctly recognizes security method, but after 20-30secs it pops up it's not possible to connect to internet. Tried DHCP as like as Static address to setup in Kindle...

Do you have any ideas why Kindle checks internet connectivity and if there's a workaround or a hack? In the worst case I'll have to build kindlet, but if there will be possibility to connect to wifi softAP only with jailbreak and some hack, it would be much more acceptable.

I tested WPA, WPA, Nosecurity, notebook WiFi as like as external Ovislink250 USB adaptor, on iPad it work seamlessly. No success on Kindle.

Works only if I setup ICS over SoftAP and client adaptor (that's why I suppose kindle checks global network connectivity somehow).

Thanks a lot.
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