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As promised, here I am trying it again but alas! Failure once more I most definitely do not have the KSO and my serial number begins with B006 so I used the following screensaver hack: "update_ss_0.23.N_k3g_install.bin"

I followed the steps precisely as you mentioned above. I erased the linkss folder which also contained the screensaver folder (did not run the uninstall). Above you say "Reinstall" so I assumed that meant for me to drag the "update_ss_0.23.N_k3g_install.bin" into the root of the kindle. So I did that AND I copied over the src/linkss folder to the root of the Kindle. THEN - I did a Restart as instructed above (not a Update Kindle). During the reboot I received an error message saying that my kindle was unable to update with an Error Code: 3

I hit the letter "R" to resume (as requested by the kindle). Once it was up and on the home screen, I put it to sleep but only to see the hideous ordinary bird screen saver staring back... Help...?

Do you think it is an issue with the jailbreak install? What on earth is going on..
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