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I know I could do that with returned JavaScript objects. I was thinking about doing something similar. I thought it would be cool to have html5 offline storage of the library and only require data connections for downloading the actual books and/or book covers. The app would be more responsive, there would be some offline availability and building an advanced search builder would be easier (for me as a front end guy). Eventually the parameters for the custom search could be sent back to calibre-server and made available for use on the QT desktop app.

The problem is that when a library is large (3-4k books) the object returned is 6 or 7 MB. Modern browsers can do up to 50MB but is it realistic to expect a 7MB datastore? Do people have libraries that large? I don't ... I downloaded a torrent of 4000 books just for testing. (This is why you see so many in my vids) I am deleting them when I am done developing because I don't need them but perhaps there are some who have that many or more. What is the average size of a library?
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