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[Old Thread] Web Front end

Hey, people. Sorry I have been MIA for a sec but I've had to work on stuff that would feed me. I have been working on a new front end for the web server. Mostly that has been reading up on python and reading the source. I feel a little more comfortable with it now and hopefully I can move faster and faster on this.

The version in my branch works on webkit (chrome) only right now but I am making the changes to make it cross browser. I will not be targeting ie6 because - well, it's ie6.

all of the functionality of the original is in my branch it's just more symantic and prettier.

Going forward I want to do the following:
  1. Make cross browser
  2. Refactor JS and CSS for faster and smaller downloads

I would *really* prefer to have a better back end to work with. I am investigating how to get cherrypy to serve correct json objects so the server can have true MVC. It'll be so much cooler and easier to add features, interfaces, and device compatibility.

I could use the opds XML but there are some features I can't get working right. Sort is the primary one right now.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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