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The Spectator Magazine - Request/Help

The Spectator is a UK political magazine without RSS for the main articles.

There are 7 main sections ) Politics, Essays, Wit & Wisdom, Comnists, Business, Art, Books.

Each of these has a several pages with the article heading and a few sentences and a link to the main article.

For exampel if you look at you will see one page with perhaps six articles and numbers leading to further pages.

The page is similar but with a cleck here for more articles.

I can see that for each of these sections need to consider as a separate feed, but having done that, I can't see how you can firstly use the parseIndex method nor can I see a way to hande multip pages otehr than hard coding.

If soemone could wirte a recipe I would be grateful - even if it was only for the essays - I could then try and modify it for the other sections.

Richard N in London
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