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Question CSS and/or ID template for EPUB creation

The majority of the code in this thread relates to drop caps. I'm looking for a starter template, one that contains the majority of styles that most users are going to require. I suggested a few of them already in my last post.

Of course we all want an uber-clean stylesheet...but we also want to get the job done quick. Having pre-determined styles, especially in a WYSIWYG tool like InDesign, that correctly display in the exported EPUB would be a huge time saver for me. Once I set the styles correctly in ID, I can go back and tweak the exported EPUB to my hearts content. The template is a starting block to save time.

As I mentioned, the ePub Zen Garden begins this process by creating a blank template with pre-determined styles but is missing a number of the basic styles most designers would need.

Anyone have such a template they would be willing to post?

Originally Posted by Toxaris View Post
You can easily create a template for your own with the code snippets in this thread. It is usually better to only put the styles in the stylesheet that you are using to prevent redundant coding.
You don't have to be a wizard, most stuff isn't really complex. At least basic CSS knowledge is invaluable if you are creating ePUBs. Personally I am not to crazy about the stylesheets ID generates. The examples I have seen here on the forum has a lot of redundant code. I think most stylesheets can be reduced to approx. 20% with no impacton the display of the text.
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