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Thank you for your efforts!
That's something I have been looking for. I downloaded many LRF files from the net and often times found that the TOC is missing or incomplete. Sometimes I manually decomplile it and edit it but it is too time consuming. A GUI based tool will be an ideal solution.

Originally Posted by hal9000 View Post

When I create LRF file with libprs500, I often get the LRF without TOC or with a TOC which includes footnotes, or any other problems related to the TOC, so I was looking for a way to modify these LRF files to edit and fix the TOC, but as far as I know, currently there is no way to edit the TOC of an existent LRF file.

I got disappointed at first, but then I decided that if the application didn't exist I will create it, and that's what I'm doing. "LRF TOC Editor" can take an LRF, show you the content and the TOC and let you add/remove TOC entries, rename them and change the location they links to.

The application works in Windows, it's programmed in VB.NET and relies on "lrf2lrs" and "lrs2lrf", which are part of libprs500 (by Kovid Goyal) to decompile the original LRF file and recompile it once the changes are made.

It has limitations too:
there cannot exist two or more entries in the TOC linking to the same location
only <textblock> placed directly inside a <page> will be shown, no <canvas> nor <textblock> inside other containers (at least in the first version)
when you select to show the content with it's original style only the style of the whole textblock is applied, ignoring substyles used locally inside the textblock

Anyway I think it results very usable even with these limitations. I hope to have it finished soon and that you find it useful... I will.
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