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Using an Asus Transformer for eTextbooks

Hey guys, new to eBooks on Android but not Android itself (I'm a developer on XDA) but I wanted to post in here and do some searching as well. Basically, I go to Penn State and they are pushing the NOOKStudy application for PC or Mac for you to rent your textbooks. Of course, the NOOKStudy format is not compatible with anything other than the PC/Mac app (not even iDevices) so I figured I would download a free eTextbook and use Calibre to convert it to ePub. I did that and when I tossed it on /sdcard/Nook/Content and the Nook app doesn't show it in my library. But in that same folder is another ePub book that I downloaded from the Nook app which shows up in my Library.

So my question is, does anything need to be done specially to make it show up in the Android Nook app or should I maybe use a different reader/format? Has anyone tried converting and using an eTextbook for an Android tablet? Any help or direction is appreciated and I will also be looking for more help on this site, I just didn't find anything too useful yet. Thanks!
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