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Thanks for this great post! It allowed me to find and get a dictionary running very quickly.

One query though:
I created a French-English Dictionary. And it works great except when the word is not found and a 'manual search' option is offered. Clicking on that throws an error. For example:

Could not open: c:\path to dictionary\french-english-dict.prc(window.index_search('','','notamment'))

I found that by deleting the idx:key tags and recompiling things that the manual search started working nicely.

My question is: What was hoped to be accomplished with the idx:key tags?

I noticed that (some of/all of?) the accents had been removed in the idx:key tags. If this was meant to allow searching without accents maybe this could be done with the 'inflections' tagging? Any ideas? I'm wondering if the script needs modification (or if I buggered something up making the change).

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