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Originally Posted by j.p.s View Post
I have been annoyed by this for quite some time. As Harry wrote, there are situations where the Kindle does wrap.

If you think that it is bad on a 6" screen, try to imagine what it is like on a kindle DX. I have had to make exactly enough collections to fill one page so that the book at the top of the list is at the top of the second page.
That's what I do too! I have 9 collections only and new items are on the top of the 2nd page...

Deja Moo and Mike L: OMG You are both awesome!

I've been limitting my collections because of this pet peeve... but now? the possibilities are endless!

The menu items are about the only thing now... but only for one entry. Anyone have ideas how to launch the web browser faster that by the menu?

Thanks for your tips!
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