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Does Kobo Touch work in Asia? One day to decide.

Hi Folks,

I'm sorry to ask for quick responses but I've got about 24hours to decide if I want to keep this Kobo Touch that I just bought from the Future Shop here in BC, Canada.

I live in Taiwan where no descent e-readers are available.

I have been trying to decide between the Kindle 3 or the Kobo Touch for some months now based on forum observations and the good advice from the good folks here.

Prior to coming to Canada, I've played with a friend's Kindle 3 and have a fair idea about what it does.

Now that I'm in Canada for a visit, I've bought the Kobo Touch and I've played with it for some four or five hours I've got to say I'm not entirely impressed.

It seems to work 'ok' I guess and I'd say that the firmware (1,9,9) seems to be pretty stable but I'm not entirely sure why having a touch screen enhances the user experience at all. Seemed like it was much easier to press one button to turn a page then having to swipe the screen.

Also, some of the icons and touch points are so small that I can barely access them (and I've got super small hands -like spinal surgeon hands) so at least a quarter of the time I seem to be pressing the wrong touch points.

The other thing that I sort of liked about the Kindle (realized only after playing with the Kobo) was the portrait mode, or being able to read books with the thing flipped on its side. I didn't imagine it would be an issue, but it is.

All in all the Kobo seems like a good reader but what I'm trying to decide is whether or not to take it back to Taiwan with me or return it and buy a Kindle 3 when I return.

My biggest questions are these:

#1 Can anyone tell me whether or not the Kobo store will work for me in Taiwan? Can seem to find this anywhere.

#2 Can anyone confirm 100% for me that I can use the Amazon / Kindle book store from Taiwan (My friend can access the 'public domain' books from Taiwan but I forgot to ask him if he can actually buy a book from Amazon directly to his device or not -he was too busy re-reading 'Great Expectations')

Thanks for any advice.

I have about 24 hours to take this thing back as I fly out soon.

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