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Question Help: Device Frozen

Hi, I still have the original BeBook (with Mobipocket DRM) - and it froze on me (once again). However, this time I couldn't get it back to work:

Screen is frozen on a page. Battery indicator shows half full.
Indicator light shows yellow when connected to computer or power.
Computer (Windows) lets me know that it finds a USB device that's not working properly

I tried
- switching the device off
- plugging it out and back in (several times, several occasions)
- depressing the reset in the back (also several times/occasions): the indicator light shows green as long as the reset is pressed but nothing happens (tried to hold the reset for longer (up to a minute) or in quick succesion
- replaced the battery, recharged. Tried above again...

Any suggestions what else I could try?

I am looking for a replacement but cannot decide among Kindle, Nook, or Neo. Until then I need my old friend ...
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