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Software: LRF TOC Editor v1.10

What is "LRF TOC Editor"?

Usually, when a LRF file for the SONY eReader is created, the TOC information is automatically added, but sometimes may happen that such information is not added, because the conversion tool doesnít support it or because the source file doesnít have a TOC, or may be that the TOC information is added but itís incorrect or there are more or less entries that it should. In these cases "LRF TOC Editor" can open the existing LRF file, without the need to have the source file from which it was created, and then add, remove, modify or sort the TOC entries as we want, and then save these changes to the same or other LRF file. In order to work, "LRF TOC Editor" need that the application Calibre (or its former version libprs500, by Kovid Goyal, is installed on your system. It can be downloaded from If this application is not found in its default folder, a folder selection dialog will appear to search for it.

The user interface

In the top area of the window there are two buttons to load and save a LRF, a button to change the language between English and Spanish, a help and a checkbox to control whether the text should be displayed using the book styles or using the default text style.

Under the buttons there are the two main panels. The one to the left is the TOC panel and the one to the right is the text panel.

Finally under the TOC panel there are the buttons to move the TOC entries, rename them, remove them and add new ones.

How does "LRF TOC Editor" work?

Once a LRF file has been loaded we can perform the following actions:
  • move the current entry up or down, using the arrow buttons under the TOC panel or pressing on the keyboard the shift key at the same time than the up or down arrow keys while the TOC panel is active
  • rename the current entry, using the button with the edition icon under the TOC panel or pressing the F2 key on the keyboard while the TOC panel is active
  • remove the current entry, using the button with a red X under the TOC panel or pressing the delete key on the keyboard while the TOC panel is active
  • add a new TOC entry pointing to the text selected on the text panel, using the button with a green + under the TOC panel or pressing the shift key at the same time than the enter key while the text panel is active; a new entry can only be added pointing to a text fragment which is not already assigned to another TOC entry
  • go to the text fragment pointed by a TOC entry, clicking on that entry or moving across the TOC with the keyboard
  • go to the corresponding TOC entry for a text fragment, right clicking on a currently assigned text fragment on the text panel, or pressing the space key while the text panel is active
  • assign the current text fragment to the current TOC entry, right clicking on a currently unassigned text fragment on the text panel, or pressing the space key while the text panel is active; by doing this the text fragment previously pointed by the TOC entry is released and that TOC entry will point now to the new text fragment

When a TOC entry is renamed the current name will be displayed so we can modify it, and when a TOC entry is created or pointed to a new text position a fragment of the text on that position will be displayed as suggestion for the name.

The added or modified TOC entries will be displayed in green. Sometimes a TOC entry may be displayed in red, this means that this entry is pointed to an inexistent text position or itís pointed to an object that "LRF TOC Editor" cannot handle (see "limitations" section).

"LRF TOC Editor" limitations
  • There cannot be two or more entries in the TOC pointing to the same text position
  • When a text block or page is too long, there may be visualization problems in the text panel at the end of that block or page, in that cases it's necessary to view text without styles and may be use short text too
  • When viewing without styles the images and the canvas contents are not displayed
  • Even when the view with styles is enabled, what is shown by the application does not always match 100% what is shown in the actual device, mainly on for some margins, spacing and font sizes
  • The libprs500/Calibre version equal or older to 0.4.50 doesnít preserve the special characters in the TOC entries, such as accentuated characters; if when opening a previously saved LRF you observe that this kind of characters have disappeared youíll need to replace them with the equivalent standard characters, such as the equivalent unaccentuated characters; this problem has been fixed on Calibre 0.4.51
  • The load time for some documents is too long, I know it; may be some day I have the time to optimize it, or may be not


As said above, "LRF TOC Editor" need that the application Calibre, by Kovid Goyal, is installed in order to work. I want to thank Kovid for create Calibre and all the set of conversion tools which are part of it. I also want to thank him for bear my tickets about bugs and mainly the tickets asking for new program features. ;-)

Change log
  • v1.10 (07/Jan/10):
    • added: show the cover thumbnail for the loaded file
    • added: support for additional styles within a text block, instead applying an unique style to the whole block, thus allowing a representation closer to the one on the PRS screen
    • added: support for "<canvas>" blocks; now images will be displayed
    • added: "Calibre - E-book Management" and "Calibre2" paths to the possible default locations of Calibre
    • added: navigation through pages using CTRL+PagUp/PagDown and CTRL+Home/End
    • removed: page and object number for each item in TOC and text panels
    • removed: header row in TOC and text panels
    • changed: new color to highlight selected items
    • changed: icons for up and down buttons
    • changed: new TOC panel font for better visibility
    • changed: the way to show that a text panel item is linked to a TOC entry, showing a blue bar to its left, along the full height of the item, instead showing a checked box
    • changed: the way to select the TOC entry linked to a text panel item or to assign a text panel item to the current TOC entry, right-clicking with the mouse on the text panel item instead clicking on the corresponding checkbox
    • changed: now there are three visualization modes (full text with styles, full text without styles and short text without styles)
    • changed: dialogs for add/rename/reassign TOC entries so the operation can be cancelled
    • changed: use of external DLL for keyboard and mouse events control, as the standard method fails with the control type used for the text panel
    • fixed: problem with long names and with detection of the end of conversion process, which prevents the application from working on Windows XP
    • fixed: now if the text have an special color for its status, as for example a modified item, the color is preserved when the item is selected, changing its background color only
    • fixed: sometimes the available action buttons were displayed incorrectly for the current selected item
    • fixed: scroll position change on TOC panel when an entry is removed
    • fixed: sometimes there could be problems with files containing special characters in it's name; now the work is made with a renamed copy of the file
  • v1.02 (07/may/08): internal fixings to improve stability
  • v1.01 (03/may/08): modification to reflect the name change of libprs500 to Calibre, and to allow the application to find Calibre files on its default folder
  • v1.00 (27/apr/08): initial release


For any question, doubts or suggestion, use the following links:

. in English:

. in Spanish:


"LRF TOC Editor" is free software and it can be distributed freely as long as the author and the above contact links are mentioned.
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