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Originally Posted by moritz View Post
Have Entourage pocket for about 1 month. I like it Updated to 2.2. I use it for books and video.
tried to install Moboplayer- no go. Tried text to speech no go. Anybody tried to install this apk ???
All apps associated with speech-voice I know off use Android APIs Pico TTS. The app sends a text to Google's servers, they convert them into speech-voice and send back over cell connection. Speech recognition works the other way around: sends voice to servers over cell and text back as data.
It's claimed 1.6 used to support 3G modems, but I haven't heard anyone successfully use them on 2.2.

Voice Search works by itself, no cell needed.

I have no idea what's Moboplayer, but if you provide a reference where to get it I might look at that. Have you checked thread
where I explained three major reasons the apps refused to be installed. Since moboplayer comes from the Market it's signed, so, only two remains.

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