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im losing my hair on the same issue.
i got it working - but exactly the way i want.

My files are named:
isbn_authors_title - 2nd title.pdf

so for example:
123456789_Peter Pan and Bugs Bunny_The Science of things - And other stories.pdf

so far i made it work for this scheme

123456789 - Peter Pan and Bugs Bunny - The Science of things- And other stories.pdf

The code used for this is:
(?P<isbn>.+) - (?P<author>[^_]+) - (?P<title>[^_]+)

But i didnt get the "_" to work. Also in some cases i got a year and an edition after the title (isbn_authors_title - 2nd title_year_edition.pdf) - but as these wont be imported anyway (if i understood correctly).
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