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Kindle dictaphone

Originally Posted by dsmid View Post
If you want to turn you Kindle into a dictaphone, just unzip and copy this file to your launchpad folder.
A S command (= Shift,A,S sequence) then starts a new recording, A E command stops it.
The recordings are stored in [USER STORE]/records by default, you can change it by editing RECDIR variable in the ini file.
E.g. changing to "music" will give you an option to play the records with MPlayer.
Generated filenames contain date, time and .wav extension:

Always make sure to stop the recording or you will run out of space after some time.
Hi everybody!

I made a more usable version of dsmid's Dictaphone mod.

The recorded files appear in the "audible" folder of the Kindle, and on the Home screen too (after sliding the power switch twice). I tested it on a Kindle 3 3G.
New feature: collections can be made of recorded audio files. When you open a recordde file, you can bookmark, pause, fast forward, etc., just like you do with an audiobook. A little cosmetical problem is that during the playing process it doesn't show information about length, title and there is no progress bar.
But it works! Pause, fast forward, rewind buttons work well.
Recorded files can be used without PC on Kindle now!

The extension of files is ".wav!.mp3".
It looks funny, but this extension has a warning function too. It warns you that it must be renamed back to ".wav" before using them on a PC else mp3 player softwares will not play them. Pc audio player sofwares don't like renamed Wav files.

I would like to get a little help from you guys. The recently recorded file appears only on the Home screen, when i slide power key twice or connect Kindle to PC and unmount it or i restart Kindle. Alt+Z shortcut doesn't help too. Is there any solution for showing it immediately after recording progress stopped?


PS. Sorry for my bad english.

Here is the new record.ini file.
Just extract it and copy to Kindle's launchpad dir!

Update: Auto refresh Home screen solved! Thanks to thomass!!!
See below!
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