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as iīm currently starting using calibre and am in the process of editing all addes books i encountered some things regarding isbn extraction

First one:
Tricky: i got some books out of an edition with some other volumes. These are mentioned on page 2 (with their isbn) - the isbn of the actual book was on page 3. Donīt know if there is a solution for that (maybe a hint if more than one isbn is found). But anyway: Donīt trust the extraction blindly
Not to say that i donīt like your work kiwi - just to remind that things are never perfect
edit: just read the whle thread: this is kind of the same as mentioned in post #63 and #74 - so i guess this is alrady discussed. Just wanted to mention it.

third one:
it took me some hours to figure out such a nice search options as isbn:false - so maybe you should place this in the faqs of the plugin or something. But as i know it now it doesnīt bother me anymore

last one:
great plugin.

only thing left for me as a new user is try to find a way to easily add my comic collection (cbr+cbz). but thatīs another topic.
Second one:
in some of my books there is no word as "ISBN" ü following number but the whole thing ("International Standard Book Number" + following number). Maybe this term can be included in later versions.
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