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No problem! I saw some comments on review sites that weren't fair to it-people ought to try one before they make such comments and just dismiss it. I have no idea yet what the battery life will be, but I am guessing that like the Novel, it is not meant to be left on standby like the high-end tablets. I have a family member with a Novel, so I know the Novel's battery drains when left on standby/sleep without being fully powered off. However-I have not tested this out on the Nova-I just power off. The unit boots up fast enough for me, so not having the "instant on from sleep/standby" is not the end of the world, and so far, I haven't needed to charge in 2 days, using it about 1/2-3/4 hr daily at night between reading and wifi. It already had a firmware update-I updated it right from the unit today. Battery is still showing up there. Don't know that I'm a good measure-but I don't do heavy duty hours on end use-more like an hour at a time at most.

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