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I just got the PanDigital Nova at BB. It says capacitive on the box. It acts pretty close to it. Maybe not quite as silky as a Honeycomb or iPad, but more than acceptable. Yes-I'm an iOS user, but an open-minded one, and I wanted also a 7" reader that would be more comfortable to hold while reading in bed or long periods of time, and also something that is small enough to even fit in a small purse that I can easily tote with me too to places I wouldn't haul my iPad to. I also wanted to be able to do some light web surfing, and if possible, just have some free Android apps too. I must say-the Nova is a decent unit, and I'm saying this as an iPad owner. I have a micro SD card somewhere around here so I can load more apps into it. It comes ready-made to side load apps into it as well-no hacking necessary (unless you want full Market access). The GetJar site is loaded and I can get free apps from there-the Kindle one wouldn't download from that site, but no problem as I was able to side load it. I don't care about direct access to the Market. I'm just going to have a few free apps as I have a huge investment in paid iOS apps already, but it's Android. This unit has hard buttons on the front too that make for easy navigation. It is a fine companion to my iPad, and if I didn't have an iPad, I could live with the Nova. No, it's not quite comparable to the pricey Honeycomb tablets and iPad, but it really is most definitely a tablet and for people who are limited on funds but want a tablet, it's a darn decent option. I'm using it almost as much as my iPad.
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