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The user interface that is in the video is for the desktop. Using media queries the interface will adjust for mobile (including tablets). My next video will show what it will look like hopefully. Unfortunately, I do no have a tablet to do testing but I will do my best.

Originally I was going to have a more details be visible to the mobile user up front but from what you say, kovidgoyal it may be best to have a toggle switch on the desktop version as well. It's a matter of what's most important to the user. Viewing more books or more details for each book. The most important things for me are (in order) Title, Author, Download, and Rating all of which are easily visible. What other information would you consider imperative?

I too would like to have better hierarchical support. There are 2 ways I can do it: via dom manipulation or on the server itself. The later is preferable for mobile devices to minimize the amount of client side work but if I do that it will be a feature that will have to wait until I have a better understanding of cherrypy. I really like the fact that so far this is a drop in replacement for anyone including those with binary installs not just those who want to compile from source.

I will try to have things cleaned up and into a repo as soon as possible.
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