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Originally Posted by dianekbr View Post
Gary, thanks, but I'm not interested in using Google calendar. I just want to add more local calendars to the PE.

Serena, thanks also, but when I go there and click on add account at the bottom of the screen, a new screen opens with Corporate and Local Calendar listed. I still don't see any way to add an additional Local Calendar (or to rename the Local Calendar, even though I'm pretty sure I named it something different the first time I opened my calendar app).

The instructions I pasted above from the Entourage support page make it sound like I can have more than one local calendar on the device. Does anyone know how to do that? Was that ability lost with the Ermine update?

Alternatively, does anyone know of a good calendar app that I can download? I just want a calendar that I can color code for various types of activities (kid #1, kid #2, etc.). It also needs to be able to handle repeating events.

I cannot find a way to do it on the local calendar. I have 8 calendars at work and they all sync'ed up correctly on the PE.

So one way to do this is to have the calendars on google calendar and create as many calendars as you want and just just use the PE to admin them. Make the local calendar your personal one and all other cals on google calendar.
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