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Originally Posted by kiwidude View Post
@mobilemax - The problem will not be the time taken to scan, but the time taken to convert to epub (which is calibre code) prior to the scan. You must have a particularly nasty book that Calibre is choking on. As for whether it would be possible to force a timeout, I don't know - I will add it to the list to take a look at one day.
Yep, had quite a few and since i decided to run the whole db through ExtractISBN, it's quite boring to find that it just did not finish "these and those 500 books" and you have to find the bad ones and skip them ;-)

But I still love the script of course! ;-)


Btw, is there any way of limiting which formats it will parse? E.g. I have .txt/.epub with the same contents because .epub was created from .txt and it would make sense to skip the .txt to make it quicker...

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