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Originally Posted by dianekbr View Post
Hi everyone. Is it possible to create multiple calendars using the installed calendar app on the PE? According to the support info still available on the Entourage site, this is how to do it:

"To create multiple calenders:
1. On the tablet screen click the menu button on the side of the device
2. Select 'My Calendars'
3. Click the menu button
4. Select 'Add Calendars'
5. Enter the calendar name and assign a color, then select OK"

I've tried that, but when I first click the menu button from within the calendar app, there is no "My Calendars." Instead, I select "Calendars," which appears to be the proper selection because it lists the one calendar that I set up the first time I opened the calendar app. However, when I click the menu button again on that screen, nothing happensm, and there is no option to "Add Calendars."

I'm using the Ermine update.

Thanks for your help!
I am using multiple calendars. I'm sync'ed with my google calendar and my work's calendar which is based off google (for business).

I also have the local calendar on the PE that doesn't go to the other two accounts.

Works great!
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