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An excellent point...

Originally Posted by Shackbase
only problem with contests like that is that the quality of posts may go down as the quantity of posts go up;...
I agree that the overall quality of the site might decline with the addition of opportunistic fortune-seekers who are driven here by the allure of something free.

As examples, see the threads where Alexander is offering free GMail invites or the Yahoo! Thingy (I forget the name) invites in exchange for asking people to describe what they like about Mobileread. A few people follow the suggestions and list what they like, but eventually they devolve to "I like MR. Can I have an invite?" by Unregistered.

Part of why I enjoy this site is that the discussions are fairly mature and well-defined and I am always introduced to new technologies (E-Ink,...) Many of the other sites I used to visit either don't offer new tech's or the discussions are not well-defined (to be nice.)

If MobileRead needs more visitors or new visitors, I hope that the manner bringinng them here is less glitzy and more substantial. Maybe an essay contest for the software/hardware prize?

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