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Originally Posted by ghentj View Post
Good to hear you got it working! It makes a big difference when you no longer care how many apps you have installed because you have so much room now!

I'm not sure why it seems everyone has to try different things to get it working (I'd be curious to know how many were able to just follow the steps straight up and make this work). Seems like you just have to spend time with it to get it going, but I'm glad I stuck with it as well. What's interesting is that I didn't even use sdformatter, but tried other countless ways to do it (including booting puppy Linux to use Linux tools to partition/format the card). My final step happened to be just creating that directory.
Well, had a nice suprise. I downloaded Contract Killer, a free app from the Amazon App store. As it was starting up, my PE was frozen for 30 secs, then it asked me to download a data file. Asked if I wanted to put it on SDCard. I wasn't sure if it was going to work, but I said yes, and it downloaded the "Big Bounty.big" data file which I later discovered was 217megs. My app storage or what link2sd calls "internal" shows 180M free so I was worried. I realize the download was really going into my /sdcard 20G 1st partition so I was elated!

Too bad my download stopped at 151M. I lost wifi connection and my PE rebooted! That's another issue.

Update: about the app freezing the PE, I read the app does it to other devices too. I was able to restart the download after reconnecting to the wifi. Download is going...

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