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audio player for kindle (kinamp?)

this thread has been deprecated
new version

jailbreak and either launchpad or usbnet

pathname note:
/mnt/us is the prefix for the userspace (mass storage) filesystem root.
if you are using the kindle in mass storage mode, the directory:
/mnt/us/system would be the folder 'system' at the root of the drive.

0) extract either the tarball or zip into /mnt/us/system
1) assign a shortcut to /mnt/us/system/kinamp in launchpad

the simplest way to run the program is:
kinamp file file1 file2 file3 ....

keep in mind that the executable will want the /mnt/us/ prefix for files in the userspace file system.

when you run the executable, it will kill any running instance you have previously run.

alt-DEL (previous file)
alt-L (play/pause)
alt-K (fast forward)
alt-J (next file)
alt-H (quit)

you will see a progress bar along the bottom of the screen indicating the current percentage from the start of the file.

when the file changes, the file name will be displayed in the bottom left corner of the screen for ~5 seconds, then disappear.

the executable transparently passes its parameters to mplayer.
some useful options:

-loop 0: loop the playlist forever
-playlist <filename>: load <filename> as a playlist
-volume 400: amplify the file volume 4x (useful for quiet audio)

kinamp -loop 0 -volume 400 -playlist /mnt/us/music/myplaylist

for more options see:
the mplayer manual

you may want to renice the process (give it higher priority):
nice -n -3 kinamp -loop 0 -volume 400 -playlist /mnt/us/music/myplaylist

if you aren't a linux user, you will want to know that negative priorities are HIGHER.
i wouldn't recommend nice values less than -5 (-6 would be too high priority) because system functions operate at this niceness.

your kindle will NOT standby to memory when kinamp is running. even if you pause the player and audio is not playing (alt-L), standby will still be prevented. you must quit the application (alt-H) for the device to standby as normal.
this means that the system will run through its battery SIGNIFICANTLY faster if you do not quit kinamp. the wireless transmitters will stay on, the processor will stay on, and all other hardware components will remain active. even if the screensaver is active and the keyboard is disabled.
this is BY DESIGN so you can play music while the system is in screensaver mode.

landscape mode:
kinamp will play music in landscape modes but status will not be displayed. status will work normally in both portrait and invert portrait modes.

a note on seek:
mplayer has bugs. consequently, seek does not work.
as a substitute we have fast forward, which causes your audio files to play at roughly 9x their intended rate. the effect is quite comic, really, and my music sounds like nothing so much as a cracked-out cartoon chipmunk (bug? or...FEATURE!)

a note on the progress bar:
mplayer's understanding of progress is somewhat...antiquated. it doesn't perform well with vbr audio, so you will see the progress bar misbehave mightily if you play vbr audio.
as a remedy i suggest re-encoding your audio as cbr if you want to track progress accurately. while you're doing so, you also might want to normalize the volume.

supported models:
i only own a kindle 3 3g graphite. i haven't tested it on the white kindle 3, so the color might break it. on the DX, i think the result would be especially atrocious. i do not own these models; when i bought my 3g i survived largely on vapors and subtext for a month (during which period i seriously considered changing my name to Cybil). if you would like support for the DX, feel free to mail me one.

contact info:
if you feel that your life has been irreversibly changed by my software, for better or worse, please let me know. i accept surface mail at:

po box 140072
gainesville, fl 32614

if you would like to buy me lunch, (and, as most artists do, i consider 'starving' to be an almost implied epithet) send something remunerative.
i believe $10 is the traditional amount.
it's one the great wonders of the world;
to wonder if
it really whips the llama's cr...ass.

a note on the source:
i am not a software engineer. my coding style is cryptic (not cyrillic like that russian notepad) and unschooled. to reference the wizard of oz, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. he's old, uncouth, a hermit, and really quite uninteresting.

the user assumes all risk for the consequences, both intended and unintended, of running this software. should your kindle spontaneously transmogrify into a icbm and decimate the human population of the planet, your only solace will be that we most likely had it coming anyway.
my imaginary lawyer assures me that these terms are binding.
you may know him; he was artfully depicted by benicio del toro in fear and loathing in las vegas.

lastly, you can find the source for mplayer here:

c9af3ad5a159bf51eb07db87f9dde914 kinamp.tar.bz2

84660d859b12a750443e15e0d6f1308b9fe8122280bf43127d d54fa8b5506dd7d5f63abd6a99e4a1173b4a3480aaa54ab83b 22a4a62fb52684086593d87a54a1 kinamp.tar.bz2
cca8fa5352eafd17389a59a774683e70386bea961b58ea5f35 76c85ac7b4269dc7008ed4cb4b106a10c390d1076d41e54df0 b04b1fd7d7454cc25a675ffc8728
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