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Originally Posted by ghentj View Post
I had the same problem with it not detecting the card. if it did detect it, it would just say that it was blank and wanted to format it, or there was some problem with it.

I partitioned my card as fat32 first and primary/active, and second as ext3.

I made the fat32 partition larger (think most are doing the 5gb/2.5 gb for an 8 gb card). it turns out that 2.5 gb is a lot for apps and that will leave room for file storage.

check if you have a directory name /data/sdext2 off of the root. If not, try creating it - I think the directory creation was what was causing my issue. be sure to copy over kennyminot's 3 files as well and set the permissions

the 2 vold files to:

the file to

Hope that helps.
the post that helped me was here: (look for post by emmerick about 2/3 the way down)
"- Using Root Explorer or another root file manager create folder /data/sdext2 (required only the first time you installed link2sd) - OBS: Probably the folder data already existed, simply create a folder inside sdext2"
Thanks. I'm trying to create the sdext2 dir in the data dir but my terminal emulator does not allow me to type in numbers!
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