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Originally Posted by mokel22 View Post
Also (to get things straight) all sound from your speakers, besides the popping, is gone?
Originally Posted by mokel22 View Post
If you haven't already see if there's any volume options from the alarm app. If there isn't, get that thing off your edge...
Done and done. No joy.
Originally Posted by mokel22 View Post
Then try the volume buttons, adjusting the volume through the settings, and adjusting the volume through another app.
Fiddled with system volume, media volume, notification volume, and messed with it through "MyPOD Media Player." Changes were reflected over the headphones (when I plugged them in to check) but still nada through the speaker.

Also dashed off a non-nasty email to the developers of the alarm app. No response, but it's late, so no surprises there.
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