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Originally Posted by johnseeking View Post
Okay, same issue, but I am FIRMLY convinced this is software, not hardware.

I installed "Alarm Clock Xtreme" from the Amazon "app of the day" page. I set a test alarm to try it out (while listening to a podcast through headphones) with the option to "escalate the alarm" volume. The alarm screen showed up, but I never heard an alarm (speaker OR headphones) and since then the only sounds I get from my speaker is a static-electrical POP sound when I remove my headphone plug or when my PE wakes up or goes to sleep.

I'm angry that the app in question seems to have mucked around with some root-level sound option that I don't know where to go to access.

Running 2.2, rooted with z4Root. Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the #$%#$ alarm clock app, as well as wasting a few hours trying to set up the sipdroid/pbxes/googlevoice/etc. thing, all to no avail. (I've lost track of how many new accounts/phone numbers/pbx boxes/mail-order-wives I have set up now.)

Any thoughts on things I could check out with the terminal emulator or othersuch tool?
mail-order-wives you say ... ... erm ... I can fix your lack of voip problems (kinda) pop over to this thread:

Also (to get things straight) all sound from your speakers, besides the popping, is gone? If you haven't already see if there's any volume options from the alarm app. If there isn't, get that thing off your edge, alarms are not useful for the edges (they cannot work unless the edge is on 24/7). Then try the volume buttons, adjusting the volume through the settings, and adjusting the volume through another app.
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