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No, thats perfectly fine. Those samples are just an example of what printed light can do. They are more on the packaging/advertising side of things. The ad is printed with 4 color process, and sections are printed with OLED inks. The circuitry is printed behind the whole piece. In this application, they are no different than your typical electroluminescent membrane display. The big difference is that this technology uses OLED's while electroluminescent displays use a special conductive ink that emits light when electricity runs through it.

The future of this is printed displays. To make a display, you need red, green and blue pixels. You probably know the basics of that, so I wont go into detail. The long and short is that RGB pixels means an image. Hook that up to some kind of computer or interface and you can have animation. The samples I have seen are very primitive. I think one had words scrolling across. I forget what the other had. Right now, they are pretty dim and the picture isn't great. I'm sure he had better ones that he didn't want to go toting around to conventions.

Another great thing is that OLED's produce light. That means that they don't have to be backlit like LCD or plasma displays. They use a LOT less power.

Hope that clears some things up.
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