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Originally Posted by edcculus View Post
Also, I know it is kind of hard to believe some random guy coming off the street, but I have actually held several of these displays. Sorry, I don't have pictures. If you visit Th old Quantum Paper site you can see samples of the packing and POP displays they are producing. It might not look impressive on the screen, but those are printed on a piece of paper. There are no LED lights behind the print. It is completely flat.
Maybe I'm missing something, but I had a look at some of the samples, and there's something I don't "get".

In the samples I saw, the image/design is static & doesn't change - the only thing that changes is the fact that part of the display is illuminated.

If that's the case, how does this differ from electroluminescent displays...? (Not doubting you or anything - just get the feeling there's something I'm missing)
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