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Les instructions sont en anglais:
Purchase and installation of commercial dictionaries in
*.pbi format
1. Open the website and enter your account data.
Please register if you do not have an account. In order to register, click
the Registration link and create your account following the instructions.
2. After successful registration, use the Login for Customers panel to
access your account.
3. As a registered user, you can buy dictionaries using the link and following the instructions on the site.
4. Download the file of the purchased dictionary to your device. You can do
it two ways:
 Download the dictionary file from the website to your PC > Connect
your device to the PC > copy the dictionary file from the PC onto
your device or SD card;
 Set up a Wi-Fi Internet connection on your device. Using your
device’s browser, open the website >
Open your account > Download the purchased dictionary file.

5. By going to Library > Files, find the dictionary file on your device; select
the dictionary file and press the OK button. Confirm the dictionary

Note: You can only use the purchased dictionary file on one device with the same
serial number as the number you have specified when buying the dictionary.
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