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2008 Encyclopedia for schools (Wikipedia contributors)

Hi all,

This excellent encyclopedia is in epub only, but I have a Kindle 3.
I have tried converting the first of these (0-9) to mobi, using Calibre in two different ways: (Each method took the computer 3 hours!)
a) Directly from epub to mobi.
Works (sort of) initially, but causes the Kindle to hang - particularly when moving backwards in the file - so, basically, unusable.
b) First to HTMLX, then from HTMLX to mobi.
This doesn't hang the Kindle, but lacks search options - so no good as an encyclopedia.

Please does anyone know how to make a successful conversion?
Alternatively - perhaps someone has all the original files that were used to create the epub, and might be able to use them for creating a mobi version?

Such a good encyclopedia - pity not to have it available for the Kindle.

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