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Originally Posted by charleski View Post
...Avoid fixed-layout like the plague. It involves a lot of work that only benefits one platform, and there's no guarantee it won't break in unpredictable ways when Apple finally brings out the fabled hi-def iPad...
I don't understand how this comment is helpful. iBooks, with all it's flaws is a marketplace for commerce. If you want in, you stand on one foot, pat your head and rub your belly. If not, you don't. The fact that they're a pain, a bastardization of the Epub standard and a possible evil empire not withstanding, they offer a path to their commerce solution.

A fixed layout book isn't wizardry, it's just formatting. Apple has pushed their Franken-standard forward so they can allow us (and themselves at 30%), to take advantage of a sales platform.

And when Nook-Color releases their dev tools for Nook-Kids and offer their own flavor of bastardization, those who want into that marketplace will stand on the other foot and rub their head and pat their belly. Some won't.

Think Epub can get busted? Try being an app developer for IOS and Android.
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