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Originally Posted by Icarusbop View Post
Thanks for the info:
I knew people were talking about using PSP jack cables in other threads but never knew the unit refused to charge from a simple usb adapter.
[From multiple threads here]

Originally Posted by kezza View Post
Most usb chargers don't work with the 505. It is designed only to pull a charge on the USB cable if it's attached to the computer, and even then not all computer USB ports work. The going theory is that the device requires slightly higher voltage through USB than standard wall chargers provide.
To be sure that your 505 is charging, look at the LED on the top of the device, it will glow red when the device is charging, and flash amber when the memory is being accessed.
Originally Posted by Ervserver View Post
I've read about all sorts of strange USB port charging issues, including draining the battery. In my experience I've not found this method ideal nor totally reliable so I went and bought an inexpensive Sony PSP charger and use that method, works great
Originally Posted by Penforhire View Post
I now find our 505's sometimes, but not always, charging with non-PC USB chargers. Very strange. This is for two 505's purchased at different times.

Sometimes when I plug them in they 'think' they're connected (USB connection symbol on display) but instead of charging they rapidly discharge! It'll go from almost-charged to fully empty (with alert-exclamation symbol on display) overnight.

I am extra-careful to fully insert the charging port so I am mystified as to our random difficulties. Other times I get a perfect charge from the same charging device! The only consistent behavior, I think, is the red LED on the reader lights up shortly after connecting if it is charging correctly. If it stays off then I always get a discharge instead.

I observed this incorrect charging behavior from three non-PC mini-USB-output chargers. And two 505's. Seems unlikely to be the same thing 'broken' on two 505's. More likely a voltage detection routine that is timed incorrectly on the reader versus several chargers, no? The PC connection is batting 1000, always charges (crosses fingers)!
Originally Posted by kb7rjf View Post
I tried to charge mine from the USB charger that I use with my Blackberry. No Joy.
Originally Posted by mogui View Post
I have tried other USB connections for charging as well and they drain the Reader's battery rather than charging it. I have several small chargers that are designed to plug into a mini-USB connection to provide charging power. They do not work with the Reader.
Originally Posted by gordon View Post
I've a fairly new 505 and had no trouble charging it through the USB port with my laptop.

However I just recently took a no-computer trip and failed to charge the 505 with the USB port using two different USB solutions that I use for other devices:

- a micro-USB power supply used for a Windows Mobile Smartphone that plugs straight into the wall

- a iPod power adaptor with a USB/USB connector (as opposed to the normal USB/iPod dock)

In general this solution has worked well for other USB devices, but the Sony did not seem to take a charge, and indeed seemed to run flat with the power-supply method.

Bringing the reader home and connecting to the computer quickly charged it again though...
Originally Posted by kezza View Post
Yeah, I've also tried it with a Motorola mini-usb charger (for my bluetooth headset) and an iPod usb charger, neither work. Looks like I'll need to give in and buy a PSP charger for it, instead.
As far as I can tell, this device won't charge from a USB port that's not attached to a computer. Others claim that it works, but maybe that's just the 500?

etc. etc. etc. (Just in case anyone else misses this common issue!)

General Reader charging advice: Use a PSP charger or cable (that fits in the round yellow hole) and NOT the mini-usb jack! It's faster and much less finicky.

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