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Originally Posted by Hitch View Post
For clarity:

What I meant was, we use some type of html tag that passes, i.e., an href, and put in text that we can easily search for, like "VIDEO HERE, IDIOT!" (Yes, my crews send me those type of love-notes.) When the epub has passed epubcheck, we:
  1. Crack open the epub;
  2. Open the relevant xhtml file that contains the video, OR,
  3. Open the relevant xhtml file(s) that contain the audio clips,
  4. In whatever html editor blows your skirt up--I'm a NoteTab Pro gal, meself, and
  5. Replace the href code with the proper audio/video html5 tags as per Apple's specs, then,
  6. We save the altered xhtml files, and,
  7. Rezip the epub, using something simple like epubpack.

That's it. We usually wrap the href around an image that's the poster image. That's what I really meant by "placeholder," was some code you can easily find and then replace in an html editor, because despite Sigil's wonderfulness, you can't get there from here.

Also, n.b.--please, everyone note that Apple's latest-and-greatest guidelines, in which they now want Guide items, seems to utterly bollix up any kind of normal paging in Nook. Just FYI. Yanking out hair today; may now have to make epubs ONLY for Apple and epubs for everyone else. What a load of old....

(Ooops, n.b.#2: If you're brave, try Bookbin, particularly if you're only (no offense) doing your own book, for multi-media, but beware the Beta-wocky. What the heck.)

And, really, what freaking genius decides to go to war with AMAZON? The second-largest corporation in the WORLD, behind Exxon? Wankers.

Frustrated with Apple,
It's gonna take long time to understand for me.
I wish Apple will publish more easy guide for video & audio in epub.
epub with the video is very attractive, but very frustrating...
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