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Originally Posted by jacktamuk View Post
thank you for promt input. Headphone works fine thru the earphone jack. But it bugs me so much that it kept me awake all night tring to uninstall or reinstall all the apps that i've had. btw, what is a 'golden update'? is it the '' thing in the other thread which we could update to androind 2.2 (which i already did) ? anyway, thank you very much again. still frustrated though.
Golden Update wipes your memory clean and installs Android 1.6 on your PE. It solves pretty much every software problem.
You need to back up your PE and be ready to put it back into it's place if you perform this, as it will format your memory. In addition you would need to update to Android 2.2 if you wanted to keep most of your apps. This would be your only chance for fixed speakers, but as I said before, I'm pretty sure it is a hardware problem.
Think of it as an option that may not work, but at least you can say that you tried everything.

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