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Originally Posted by jacktamuk View Post
dear all, got the problem of loss speaker sound abd have tried the Google Voice / SipDroid (as in the other thread) but still no luck. Frustrated as will leave the country in 2 weeks and hate to bring a 'defected' device along as it was the main purpose of this purchase. Any help is highly appreciated.
The speaker sounds like a hardware problem, which can't really be fixed without sending it into a professional. Can you use headphones? If that does not work then it could be a software problem and the only hope would be a golden update.
As for Sipdroid / Google Voice Your as well off as I am. I tried to make that work and failed. I've yet to use the directions in this thread though:
I am very busy at the moment or else I would try, but I may later on this week. In addition it is advised to use a headset to make calls anyway, so if you can't get the speakers to work, then you are not really missing out on anything phone-call-wise.
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