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Let me try again: I appear to have two Calibre web servers running, but not intentionally, and yes, it appears to be because of a foot-race at startup. As I said in my last post, I seem to have these two instances running and am unsure how to clean it up. I can't turn off the in-app one, because it doesn't - technically - seem to be running. Every time I go in there, the button to start the server is highlighted, not the stop server one....yet, the server is accessible as if it's running, and on the port specified there.

I'd really much prefer to use the script that I've always been using, but that's screwing up and I don't know why. I'd never used the in-app server options, because they've never worked well for me, where-as (until now) the script always, I never have to go into that machine and use Calibre on it, because the script auto-starts it. With the in-app server controls, any time I start that machine, I have to physically open Calibre in order to get the server to start from what I understand (and from what you just posted: "Calibre Server starts when I launch Calibre".) This isn't just a server in name - this is my actual home server and not a PC that I sit down and use every day, so having to manually start things is not optimal.

Like-wise, upgrading to Natty is not an option on this machine, as I need to stick with the reliability of the LTS releases for everything else I have served out of that machine.
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