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Yeah, but the library was still where it was supposed to be. Notice that I said, "was." I musta done something wrong at some point and accidentally deleted it. Yeah, that sucked. I'm in the process of recreating from a backup.

So, right now, the script has it at port 8080, and that doesn't find the library at all. In the application, I got it working on 9090. Strange thing is, if I hit the "start server" button, it tells me that 9090 is unavailable - even though it's working now.

I'd never used the in-app server settings before, but now it seems to be defaulting to those, no matter what the script said...but, I can still connect to a blank library on 8080, so it seems like I have to instances of the server running somehow. Not sure how I'm going to clean that up.

I'm also trying to figure out why everything goes to poop when I reboot the machine. That is not optimal. Is there any error report I can run for you all to help analyze it?

But, let me stress: This does not affect my feelings on the program. It's still the best book-management software I've used, and well worth it for this first instance of hassle. Thanks for all of your hard work in creating/maintaining it!
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