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Ubuntu Calibre server acting wonky

Hey all!

For background, these are the instructions that I've used to set up my content server in Ubuntu 10.04.

In general, they have worked fine, but now I'm having a weird problem. I recently had to rebuild my server after a hard drive smoked, so some things, such as Calibre had to be rebuilt individually (thankfully, my library itself was backed up.) I set everything back up tonight, and it was working.

I did some other things on my computer (the only thing even close to Calibre was doing a backup on the library files, but that shouldn't have had any effect.) Now, the web server shows a "No books found:" error.

Client-side, everything is working, and every computer within my network using the client can find the books - it's just the web interface that's not finding anything.

Nothing has been changed in regards to routers or firewalls.

Anyone have any ideas?

PS: Absolutely love the software and have been telling everyone I know with an e-reader about it.
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